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Paul Olds

Swim the English Channel in my swimming pool. My good mate Stu did the real thing last year in 14h 30mins. I'm not as good as him so I have given myself 15 hours of swimming tethered to a bungee cord in the pool.

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I'm going to swim the English Channel in my swimming pool. A good friend Stu did it for real last year in an amazing 14h 30mins. I'm nowhere as good as Stu, so I'm giving myself 15h of swimming time tethered to a bungee cord attached to the pool fence. So I can raise my arms at the end of the day I'm also giving myself 10 days to complete the crossing.

Please any amount you could donate would be great in these very tough times. MND doesn't stop for COVID-19.

If you can't donate no problem at, instead how about setting your own challenge and joining us create some great awareness and have some fun while challenging yourself..

What is Motor Neurone Disease?

You have nerves in your brain and spinal cord that control how your muscles work. These are called motor neurones. MND is a disease that affects the motor neurones. With MND, motor neurones gradually stop telling your muscles how to move. When muscles no longer move, they become weak, which can also lead to stiffness and loss of muscle mass (wasting). MND is a life-shortening illness that can affect how you walk, talk, eat, drink and breathe. This is usually different for each individual. You may not get all of the symptoms and there is no set order in which they happen. The disease will progress, which means symptoms will get worse over time. For some people this can be rapid, for others it is slower. There is currently no cure for MND.

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