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Muscle Up FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

If this section cannot answer your question please email us at admin@mndandme.com.au or call 037 3394 5333

When is the Muscle Up for MND Challenge?

Sunday 11 August 2019

Where is the Muscle Up Challenge going to be held?

The Gabba

Gate 2 – Crn of Main St and Stanley St, Woolloongabba, Qld 4102

What time does it start?

Registration opens at 8.00am and closes at 8.45am – No access to the field will be available once the session has started.  So please don’t be late.

The event starts at 9.00am and will conclude at 10.00am

How much does it cost to participate?

Single Adult Ticket - $10.00

Single Child Ticket - $5.00

Family of 4 Ticket - $20.00

Additional children can be purchased for $5.00

How do I enter?

Go to www.mndandme.com.au

Can I enter on the day?

NO.  Due to the strict guidelines set by the Guinness Book of Records there will be no registrations taken on the day.

Is there an age limit on who can participate?

To participate you have to be over the age of 5

I don’t regularly exercise, can I still register?

Exercises at each station will cater for different fitness levels allowing for maximum public participation. You don’t have to be a regular gym goer to complete the session.  Each station will be managed and supervised by qualified trainers.  If you do not exercise on a regular basis we strongly recommend it is best to be safe and that you consult your doctor before registering.

What if I cannot do (or finish) the exercise at a station?

Don’t stress. Your health and safety is far more important than the record.  First Aid specialists will also be present at the ground.

What should I wear?

Please wear suitable clothes to exercise in eg t-shirt, shorts and comfortable running/training shoes.  No football boots/running spikes/barefoot/high heels will be allowed onto the ground.  We also strongly suggest you wear a hat and sunscreen.

What facilities are available?

The toilets will be open and liquid refreshments will be available during and after the session.

For spectators there will be a coffee and tea cart available during the session.  Spectators are allowed to take bags into the venue but must adhere to the normal Gabba rules and regulations.  No bags are allowed onto the actual ground. For more information on this please visit www.gabba.com.au

Security of your possessions is your own responsibility. Participants will not be able to take bags out onto the ground – this includes water bottles.  We will provide a supervised bag drop area outside the ground but we do not take any responsibility for lost or stolen items.

How long does the session go for?

The actual world record training session will go for 50 minutes.  There will be 10 exercise stations of 3 minutes duration with a 2 minute break between each station. 

Can spectators attend?

Yes, spectators are more than welcome.  There will be a special spectators viewing section set up in the grandstand.

I am in a wheelchair can I still participate?

Yes. But due to the restrictions on what can actually go onto the turf no wheelchairs are allowed to access the field.  You are allow the access the field and participant on the synthetic grass around the outside of the field.  We have set up a special wheelchair area.

The best place for a wheelchair drop off on the day is at the end of Logan Road where it becomes a cul-de-sac at the corner of Ipswich Road and Stanley Street.  From there you only have to cross Stanley Street at the lights to reach Gate 2.

Will there be food and drink available during the session?

Before, during and after the session there will be water available to all participants and spectators.

How do the stations work? 

You will be allocated a station to start at. The objective is to have all specific group members (friends/family/work/PT groups/gym members) to start at the same station.  When you register please remember to nominate a group you belong to if applicable. Once the session starts you will then rotate through the different stations performing different exercises at each station with the same group. There will be 10 exercise stations of 3 minutes duration with a 2 minute break between each station. 

What sort of training should I do?

No specific training is required to complete this event.  If you do not exercise on a regular basis we strongly suggest it is best to be safe and that you consult your doctor before registering.  If you would like a training program please contact anyone of our fitness sponsors and they will be more than happy to develop a program for you.

The event will be monitored by first aid professionals.

What if the weather is really bad?

It is an outdoor event and therefore the weather may impact on the event. A decision by the Gabba ground staff will be made the night before the event. You will be notified via email if the event is cancelled due to any reason. Participant safety will determine any decision to cancel or delay the start of the event. If the event is cancelled, we cannot guarantee that it will be rescheduled.  No donations will be refunded.


As we do not qualify as a “major event” the Gabba match day parking restrictions will not apply, therefore normal street parking is available.  Please read the parking signs.

Public Transport

The Gabba is in close walking distance to Woolloongabba Bus Station.  Please visit www.translink.com.au to find a suitable bus.


It is hoped as many Muscle Upers as possible will actively fundraise for the event.  You can do this via your fundraising page.  All that we ask is that you send two fundraising emails and make two fundraising social media posts before the event. 

This is a great opportunity to ensure no Queenslander has to face Motor Neurone Disease alone.